Garry Steven (Volunteer)



Volunteering with C-Change and dates-n-mates

I started volunteering with C-Change and dates-n-mates in 2014. I have done a lot of graphic design work during my time volunteering, such as logos, posters, annual report. I still continue to support some dates-n-mates events.

After I got my HND, I didn’t want to go straight to university instead I wanted to build my portfolio through work experience. I saw this opportunity to volunteer as a graphic designer for dates-n-mates and started doing work for them a week after that. Right from the start I felt like I was part of a team and it was a really good experience; working in an office environment to deadlines. Volunteering with C-Change and dates-n-mates gave me lots of confidence and enjoyment. Through my involvement I started supporting people C-Change work for and dates-n-mates member at events.

I currently support a regular computer gaming event with dates-n-mates.
At the moment I am working on a community project I have called ‘Mind & Draw.’ The project helps to improve the lives of people who struggle with confidence and anxiety through drawing. I got the idea for this project from the work experience that I gained at C-Change and dates-n-mates.
I am still doing graphic design work but my current passion lies with the Mind & Draw workshops. I would really hope to take that project further and reach more people.