Hi I am Holly,

I live in my own home in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire.  I want to tell you about the changes in my life since I have been supported by C-Change.

Things have not always been easy for me. I didn’t feel that my last support provider listened to me, they were supporting me to do things that I did not want to do.

I used to tell people to leave, this was the only way that I got listened to.

I told my dad I was not happy and wanted to change providers. He then went and spoke to Social Work and different Service Providers.

I have been supported by C-Change for a number of years, in this time I feel that people listen to me. I have reduced the number of hours that I am being supported because my social life is so busy I do not need the same support.

I am a Director of dates-n-mates Glasgow and also work with C-Change.

I enjoy all things politics and have volunteered in my local MP’s office and for a number of Conservative Party Councillors as well as attending quite a few political conferences.

I have done quite a bit of public speaking on subjects such as politics, human rights and directing my own support.

I also enjoy getting involved in a variety of different things which are important to me.