Ian Meikle (PDW)

Ian Meikle 3
My Job Works For Me!
Personal Development Worker Ian Meikle tells us about his experience of working for C-Change and why he finds his role so rewarding…

Q1 – How long have you been working with us and what has your experience been like so far?

I have been working with C-Change for over a year now and it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. I feel the company has been very supportive.

I am glad I made the decision to apply to work here. I had looked at a few organisations online though after doing a bit of reading C-­Change was my preferred option. After a few months at C-Change, this solidified my belief that C-Change was indeed the right decision. I particularly liked being in a position where I could make a difference and help someone reach their goals in their life.

Q2 – What made you a match for for the person you work for?

The individual I work for was looking for someone in his team to help him keep active. When I am on shift with him we walk at least 3-4 hours a day and also go swimming frequently.

The individual I work for has a great team and it is a pleasure being part of it. There is a really good mixture of people in the team – we all get on well and help each other as much as we can to ensure the person we work for’s goals are being met. Support is a very important factor in our relationship as a team, led by our Support Advisor Audrey Gardiner.

Q3 – Why did you apply to do this type of work and what did you do before?

My brother unfortunately had a car accident and as a result was left with a bad head injury many years back. I helped support my brother as did other family members after his accident. My experience with supporting my brother made me think I would be good at this line of work. I believe this has made my transition into this role that bit easier.

I had worked as a Panel Beater (repairing body work on cars) for over 40 years, so working with C-Change has been an immense change. I’m really glad I got this opportunity, which is a refreshing change to my past line of work. I feel I am helping make a positive difference in someones life which is very rewarding.