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Success – Kirsty’s Story

Success – Kirsty’s Story

I started getting support from C-Change in 2018

Previous to this is I was supported by another organisation, who confined me to my bed, they told me that an end of life care plan would be made for me – I was only 33 at the time .

If it wasn’t for my friend Graeme I would have gone mad and still be in that bed to this day, he kept me sane.

So, I made a stand – I contacted social work and they introduced me to Belle from C-Change, who told me that she would get me out of bed and I would no longer be covered in urine burns.

Now I live In a lovely bungalow, I am supported by the staff of my choosing, I am out of bed every day, I go out and socialise, I meet friends, have good contact with my family.

My friend Graeme visits every week, I have a great relationship with my staff.

I am currently being supported with a healthy eating plan as I am hoping to lose some weight and become healthier.

I have been seeing my friends a lot more and have been enjoying socialising with them all. I’ve also got back in touch with an old college friend who I am now in a happy relationship with.

I now have a more positive outlook of life. Who knows what the future will bring, but at least I have a future.


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