Andrew Moodie – Winner in The Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2019

  We are delighted to reveal Andrew Moodie a winner in The Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2019 in the Category of Sports, arts and entertainment. This list highlights the remarkable achievements and contributions that people with learning disabilities and/or autism make to their communities. Winners were selected by a panel of judges with … Continued

SCLD Learning Disability Awards 2019

    A massive congratulations to Andrew Moodie (person we work for) who was Highly Commended in the Creative Communities category at last nights SCLD Learning Disability Awards 2019 which took place on the evening of Friday 17th. We are all thrilled for Andrew for receiving this well deserved recognition! Congratulations also to all of … Continued

Learning Disability Week 2019: Andrew’s Story

    We are delighted for Andrew Moodie (person we work for) for his nomination in this years SCLD Learning Disability Awards in the category of Creative Communities. Andrew is a talented and remarkable young man with an incredible gift for writing. Andrew also has a passion for movies. For many years he would share … Continued

Learning Disability Week 2019: Holly’s Story

    Hi, my name is Holly. I live in Kirkintilloch, in my own home. It is a friendly neighbourhood and I really like it there. I want to tell you a bit of my story (so far) so please read on. Prior to being supported by C-Change I was not leading the life I … Continued

Pizza night followed by hot tub – Aidan’s Wee break away!

    Friends Aidan & Darran (two people we work for) hangin out with Support Advisors Islean and Elaine and Personal Development Worder (PDW) Neil. Aidan is on a short break and invited Darran over for the night. Waiting on the pizza to be delivered, followed by relaxing in the hot tub! 😃 That is often … Continued

Philippa’s Passion for Racing

    C-Change have supported Philippa for just over a year now. Philippa is her own decision maker and a woman with many passions including the smell of diesel, burning rubber and the buzz of an engine… Philippa’s father used to drive racing cars and she always loves hearing her Dad talk about this and … Continued

Aidan’s Lust for Life

    “Aidan B, he’s the man, if he can’t do it, no-one can” sings Dougie, Aidan’s team member. You see, that’s what spending the last few months around Aidan has taught us. Aidan is incredibly clever, smart, capable, funny and has a real thirst for life. Aidan has many passions in life, hanging out with … Continued

Holly Millar – My story (so far)

  Prior to being supported by C-Change I was not leading the life I wanted. I was supported by another organisation (I will not name) and I was not happy. Different support workers would come in each day and none I got to know shared my interest in politics. I used to sit and watch … Continued

Darran’s Walking Group

    Darran (one of the people we work for) has started a walking group in Falkirk supported by his team members Carrie, Louise and Rebecca. They were joined yesterday for a walk in local woodland by Connal from Falkirk and his two team members Nikki and Nadine as well as Aiden from West Lothian … Continued