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The Goldfish and the Bearded Dragon

William and I first met over 6 years ago. William was being supported by another organisation. C-Change was going to begin working with William and I was introducing myself and the organisation.

William shared his support with others in a congregate living setting. He had his own flat, had a tenancy, was not under any statutory restrictions.

During our first conversation William asked me an unexpected question. He said “Can I have Bearded Dragon?”

My first question back to William was, “why are you asking me that William?”

He told me that he had previously asked if he could get a Bearded Dragon. He had been told to get a Goldfish. If he could prove he could look after a Goldfish, he might then be able to get a Bearded Dragon.

For the avoidance of doubt, William had never expressed an interest in having a Goldfish! There is a lot of power and discrimination loaded into the assertion that William, an adult, be expected to prove he can look after a Goldfish, he never wanted, before ‘being allowed’ to get the Bearded Dragon he had set his heart on.

William got his Bearded Dragon.

Sam Smith – C-Change CEO

Watch / listen to this as a conversation between William and Sam (subtitles available) via our YouTube channel

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