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Equity and exclusion - 2

The Long View

This may sound controversial but, dates-n-mates should not need to exist. In the same way, if we eradicated poverty, food banks should not exist.

If learning disabled people had the same opportunity for love, connection, friendship, intimate relations and family life, dates-n-mates would not exist.

If community and social venues were accessible and welcoming, dates-n-mates would have less need to exist.

If learning disabled people’s rights were respected, protected and upheld, dates-n-mates would not need to operate. 

Learning Disability Week 2021 focusses on relationships. Let’s redouble our efforts to ensure that every person has the opportunity for happy, healthy relationships, in work, in the community, in our home, in love and in friendship. 

dates-n-mates will work with everyone who is willing to strive to make this a reality.

Let’s do this!


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