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The Next Generation – Right To Better

One of C-Change Scotland’s strategic aims is to ensure the sustainability and development of the organisation.  Traditionally for organisations that involves discussions about growth and ‘scaling’. 

However, C-Change is an intentionally sized organisation, motivated to grow and sustain great relationships not market share. Our commitment is to grow better not bigger. 

However, there is a desperate need to improve support for learning disabled and/or autistic people. Scandals and human rights violations make news headlines with indecent frequency.  

C-Change is a founding member of the NDTi Small Supports programme Small Supports – NDTi . The aim of this work is to ‘develop new small support organisations providing person-centred support; without compromise.’ NHS England and the Local Government Association recognise that more of the same will not work. They are funding this programme to address the issue of large numbers of disabled people incarcerated in Assessment and Treatment Units and private hospitals for long periods.   

Currently there is no equivalent funded programme in Scotland. However, in response to an approach from a courageous family who were in a difficult place. And with great support from Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership, C-Change is fostering a new next generation, small support organisation called Right to Better. 

Watch this space…. 

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