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Animated letter being written.

Uncle James by Vince Meegan

Lest We Forget

Autumn 2023, C-Change CEO Sam Smith appeared on the popular BBC Radio4 show ‘History on the Edge’, discussing what life was like for people who lived in Lennox Castle Hospital.  

After the show aired, we received an email from a gentleman, Vince Meegan, telling the story of his uncle James, a resident in Lennox Castle from the late1950’s to 1962.  

We were deeply moved by the story Vince told. It is also an important part of our shared history. Working with Vince we have created a short video he has narrated. 

Vince is keen to hear from anyone who may remember his Uncle James. Please contact us by emailing and we will pass on your details.  

Using the links below you can listen to the Radio4 broadcast. You can also learn more about life in Lennox Castle using the link to Lennox Castle Stories website (a joint project between C-Change Scotland and the inclusive arts organisation Projectability).  

Lest We Forget 

James Meegan (1918-1962) 

* Sam worked as a commissioner tasked with closing the Lennox Castle hospital and helping the residents move out into homes of their own, with the support they needed to get on with their lives.

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