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Voice Choice & Change

Voice, Choice and Change: Belief is Fuel

When we met him, he was adrift, sofa surfing from place to space, nowhere to call his own. His teenage life had been buffeted by the harsh winds and turbulent currents of the childcare system. The system works for some, providing a safer harbour than life at home. For others, like J though it saved him, he was left barely holding onto the wreckage of his life. His head only just above the water, and he was floating on tides over which he had no control. The only protection he had from this harsh world was a dark hoodie pulled up and over so that he seemed to barely exist within its cavernous folds. It was his way of being there, but also being absent.

He had nothing other than what he carried; his valued possessions salvaged from move upon move.

With others, we helped him secure a house, a place that was his. A place where he felt safe to take down the hood and to store his possessions. A place where he could begin to think of possibilities and potential. We believed in him, while he learnt to believe in himself. Belief is fuel that fires the potential of better lives.

We were not in J’s life for very long. He grew you see. When the storm stopped raging so hard, he began to see possibilities on the horizon. His home was his sanctuary. His thoughts turned to college. At college he met someone special. There was little need for paid support after that, there was so much to be getting on with. He took the oars and under his own steam he headed off to a brighter future. And we cheered.

Voice, Choice and Change: Belief is Fuel (audio narration)

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