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We help adults to stay independent through our unique and personal service and we work hard to hand power and control back where it belongs - with the person.


Our approach


Getting to know adults

From the very beginning, we spend time getting to know individuals, their needs and their interests. This allows us to create a personalised plan that supports adults to regain their independence.


Your Personal Development Worker

Adults are fully involved in the recruitment of their own Personal Development Workers who has been carefully matched to their needs and interests. This is key to delivering the right support.


See the change

Through working with a personally recruited team and following a unique, flexible plan, adults can begin to regain independence and make progress towards their goals.


Support that changes with you

Support can be increased, reduced or adapted as individuals progress towards the life they want and become more and more independent.

Here’s an example of the way we work with an adult...

C-Change has worked with Steven for about 12 years. We’re growing old together and we’ve been through lots of changes. It has been a joy for us to have worked with Steven to help him settle in to his own place, to be with him through sadness and joy. And the work isn’t over yet. Steven’s lost an amazing amount of weight through exercise and diet. His team have been right behind him.

Everyone’s worked hard and the results are fabulous. Steven looks great and feels great too. There’s always something to strive for and something to achieve and we are committed to walk with Steven every step of the way.


Better is possible

Get in touch with us to start the change today.