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Younger people

We love working with younger people at C-Change, no matter how complex their needs.

We’ve witnessed young people step into themselves and take control of their lives. Making friends, going to college and living their best life.

We support young people to flourish and thrive. We are there every step of the way, for the ups and the downs of life. As each young person grows and develops, so too does our support. Ever evolving, flexible, respectful and responsive to each stage of life.


Our approach


Getting to know you

From the very beginning, we spend time getting to know younger people, their needs, interests and goals in life. We then create a personalised plan that supports younger people in the best possible way from day one.


Your Personal Development Worker

It's important that younger people are supported to recruit their own Personal Development Workers who has been carefully matched to their needs and interests - this is key to delivering the right support.


See the change

Through working with their personally recruited team and following a unique, flexible plan, young people and those closest to them will begin to see them flourish and make progress towards their goals.


Support that changes with you

We work to ensure that support is increased, reduced or adapted as young people get older, make progress towards their goals and begin to gain independence.

Here’s an example of the way we work with a younger person...

Aidan's story

Better is possible

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