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10 - When Less Is More

When Less Is More

Do you know your RPG’s?  

Led by DM’s and earning XP’s?  

Unsure? Well you are not alone!  

Paul, a worldly wise Personal Development Worker was unsure too when Darren, the person he works for, mentioned he would like to learn about the Role Playing Game (RPG) Dungeons and Dragons, where a Dungeon Master (DM) oversees the game and characters earn experience points (XP’s).  

The great thing about being part of an organisation that has been around for over 20 years is the rich network to tap into. Paul put an ask on our internal social media channel, looking to see if anyone had knowledge of how Darren could have the best start into fantasy gaming. Of course, a reply came back quickly, recommending ‘Geek Retreat café’ in Glasgow city centre.   

That was it, after a visit one day to ask some questions, Darren was signed up to the next Dungeons and Dragons masterclass with Bethany, the expert from Geek retreat.  

On the day of the booked class, Paul was with Darren as he started to learn about the game and when Darren started to ask questions directly to Bethany, Paul knew to take a step back, for Paul had been what Darren needed, the person to make the initial connection, to be there ‘just enough’ so Darren could thrive.  

Less is more.  

When Less Is More – Audio Narration

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