The organisation’s flat structure is designed to encourage decision making to be as close to the people it works for as possible. This is further complemented by the organisation’s locality working where each locality has an identified manager. This approach supports a responsive service, the development of meaningful and positive relationships, transparent communication, local identity and clear lines of accountability. All of our projects, including the 3 dates-n-mates projects are overseen by the Project Development Manager. Each dates-n-mates projects has a dedicated Project Development and Volunteer Co-ordinator.

To support the valuable work that our frontline staff undertake is an identified Support Advisor that works with the people living in the locality they have responsibility for, spending direct time with each individual and their bespoke locally recruited team to ensure support is helping the individual lead the life they want and realising the individual’s right to direct their own support. The Support Advisor is supported by a locality Area Lead who holds the operational and strategic overview for the locality.

Guiding the work that the organisation undertakes is our fully inclusive board of directors and Improvement Council (a forum run by and for people the organisation works for.)