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With thanks…to Frank – the Social Worker

C-Change works with people who have sometimes lost the sense of what their good life might look like.

That might be families where things have been so hard for so long, the love for their child being the only fuel providing the energy to meet each day. The idea of better so painfully elusive that hope is almost feared, as it is so often followed by crushing disappointment.

It may be a young person, always perceived to be on the edge of trouble, exclusion, seclusion, reputation building until adolescence hits and what was manageable becomes worrisome. More people become involved, police, complaints, threats and controls. A life beginning to spiral. Vulnerabilities that can be exploited, harm to self, violence meted out to others.

But Frank knows. His years of practice, wisdom and belief are enough to know that, with the right support, lives can change. From chaos and despair to possibilities and opportunity.

He knows it will not be easy, that there will be moments along the way when he will have to hold his nerve, be steady and be supportive of the person and /or family. Also, crucially supportive of the organisation trying to make the difference. Holding the belief that better is possible, he provides the space and the opportunity for that belief to grow and to eventually become a reality.

This is great social work.

Sam Smith – C-Change CEO

World Social Work Day – Tuesday 16th March 2021


International Federation of Social Workers

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