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You Cannot Be Serious?!

By Julie McNeill

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Here at C-Change, we are serious about what we do: fierce human rights defenders, passionate advocates, professional colleagues, lifelong learners. We also love to laugh.  

At the heart of our organisation is people: the people we work for, our colleagues, friends and partners. When we were asked to put out a message about keeping cyber resilient – the room buzzed with ideas. How could we show we were ‘fit’ to take on threats that came our way? Crystal Maze, Rocky, Gladiators, fluorescent headbands, Lycra (ok – hold the Lycra), weightlifting, family pets, and boxing gloves borrowed from teenage offspring: a silly video with a serious message was born. 

My grandmother’s advice was to always move closer to people who feel like sunshine. Working in social care can be challenging, tiring, and immersive. The buzz of creativity, the daftness, and the hilarity makes us all better, brighter and more fit to take on the challenges the day will throw at us. The people we work for deserve our positivity and sense of adventure. Fluorescent headbands, optional.     

What was the result? Take a look for yourself: 

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